GDPR & InstaHost

GDPR is a vital important piece of legislation, not only for us, but for you, InstaHost Customers. As part of our GDPR preparations, we have created this FAQ to help you prepare for GDPR as well as reassure you about our activities. Is my site compliant? We are unable to confirm that your own site or business is compliant. We can give you as ... Read More »

16th May 2018
Email - What's best IMAP or POP3?

We have received a lot of questions about the different email types which comes free with InstaHost cloud Hosting accounts, so if you are not sure what the differences are..... have a look in our knowledgebase here!

11th May 2018
InstaHost has changed!!

InstaHost has evolved. . . .   From our humble beginnings as part of AMACSYS Networks in 1996, Instahost has continued to keep up to date with and provide our clients with the latest digital technologies and services. Now in 2018 as part of InstaDigital we are innovating again (don’t worry it will not cost you a penny!!)   So, what do you ... Read More »

7th Apr 2018