PHP & Wordpress Updates

PHP 7.3 has been added as an optional version to use. This is PHP 7.3.0 RC6 - a release candidate - so we don’t recommend using it on live sites. New features, function depreciation and syntax changes are included. More about 7.3 here: PHP version 7 has also been updated to 7.1.24 and 7.2.12. You can update your PHP Version by ... Read More »

27th Nov 2018
NEW Phproject One-Click Installations on Cloud and VPS

We've added a new dynamic one-click installer for adding Phproject to our Cloud and VPS platforms. It's a high performance full-featured project management system. The taskboard displays the projects and tasks in a sprint with a scrum board interface. Tasks can be moved between projects, and users can update them with priorities, due dates, and ... Read More »

25th Sep 2018
Wordpress Updated

We have updated WordPress to the latest version 4.9.8.


All installations on our Wordpress platform has been auto -updated.

24th Sep 2018
Privacy & GDPR Policy Updated

We have updated the Privacy Policy today, the changes are an expansion of definitions and instructions on how to delete cookies.  No material information, no new supplies or third party organisations have been added.

At InstaHost we are UK DPA, PCI, GDPR and ISO 27001 Compliant

Our Privacy policy can be found HERE:  

15th Sep 2018
Magento updated

Our Magento one click installer has been updated to version 2.2.5

11th Sep 2018
MODX updated

The MODX open-source CMS has had its one-click installer updated to v2.6.5.

5th Sep 2018
Gibbon updated

The Gibbon open-source education platform has had its one click installer updated to version 16.0.01.

5th Sep 2018
Roundcube and (another) PHP update

The Roundcube one-click installer has been updated to version 1.3.6 and PHP to 5.6.37 and 7.0.31.

3rd Sep 2018
PHP and WordPress updates

PHP has been updated to the latest versions across the shared platform: 5.6.36, 7.0.30, 7.1.19 and 7.2.8. WordPress has been similarly updated, to version 4.9.7.

1st Sep 2018
GDPR & InstaHost

GDPR is a vital important piece of legislation, not only for us, but for you, InstaHost Customers. As part of our GDPR preparations, we have created this FAQ to help you prepare for GDPR as well as reassure you about our activities. Is my site compliant? We are unable to confirm that your own site or business is compliant. We can give you as ... Read More »

16th May 2018